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              hygienist services
              at Causeway Dental

              Your hygienist can:

              1. Remove calculus (tartar) from teeth by scaling and polishing

              2. Remove heavy staining by using gentle air abrasion

              3. Treat gum disease

              4. Carry out fresh breath treatment

              5. Teach good oral hygiene

              Your hygienist or therapist works very closely with your dentist to prevent and treat gum disease. There is now increasing evidence linking gum disease with heart disease and strokes. It is also the main reason for loss of teeth and we take the treatment of gum disease very seriously.

              How to brush your teeth

              hygienist at caueway dental northern ireland

              Your hygienist is often the best person to advice you on the most suitable dental products for your individual needs. We stock a full range of oral health products at the practice for your convenience.

              How to floss properly