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              children's dentistry
              at Causeway Dental

              We love when our younger patients come to visit us. Dental health is very important and a good dental routine should be introduced as soon as your baby begins to get their first teeth.

              Sugar causes tooth decay and can be found in sweet foods and drinks. The longer teeth are in contact with sugar, the higher the chance of early tooth decay. It is not a good idea to give children sweets or sweet drinks as a reward.

              children's health

              children's health


              Healthy snacks like fruit and raw vegetables like carrot sticks, chunks of cucmber, pieces of oranges or bananas, are good treats for children's dental health.?Other healthier snacks that have less sugar in them include crackers, breadsticks, rice cakes and plain popcorn.

              It is not a good idea to give your children fizzy drinks as these contain acids that can harm the enamel on your their teeth, which will make it thinner. A healthier alternative would be water.