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              Lovely feedback
              for Causeway Dental

              We love making our patients happy! If they are proud of their smile, we are proud of our work! Here's what some of our lovely patients have said about Causeway Dental.

              the team at causeway dental

              Excellent service and cheerful friendly staff. Beautiful decor and bright dental practice. Pleasure to attend as far as attending a dentist can be!

              Sharon, Coleraine

              Attending Causeway Dental has helped ease my fear of attending the dentist, and the whole experience I now find relaxing and easy. I don’t mind the distance that I have to travel, it is well worth it and I have recommended this practice to friends and family members.

              Martina, Strabane

              When I decided I wanted my smile line improved I sourced Causeway Dental on the internet. From the beginning at my first consultation the friendly atmosphere Dr Wilson created made me feel relaxed, and he explained all options clearly. I opted for porcelain veneers and crowns. The end results are fantastic. The compliments I have received have boosted my confidence and now I can’t stop smiling.

              D Freeburn, Antrim

              Once I was very self conscious when I smiled, now I have regained my confidence (especially in front of the camera.) The results were immediate and very effective. I am over the moon with the outcome. A Simon Cowell ‘smile’ as one of my friends said. All my family and friends and work colleagues were very impressed with the results.
              Thank you David for giving me my smile back and to Causeway Dental for the professional manner in which I was dealt.

              S Gallen, Donegal